Life Lessons in Romance Novels? Fact or Fiction

How many times have you heard people make fun of romance novels? Well, no more. Do you realize that our beloved romance genre is the best selling of all books available? Is it all escapism? I think not.

Let’s hear it for escapism

First I ask, what’s wrong with escaping the harsh reality of life? Life is difficult. Period. Its a fact. Do you realize that most all music, literature and art is about the first six months of a passionate relationship? Either the beginning or the end.

Composers & authors don’t usually write about:

  • I served her breakfast and she went to work at the bank
  • The kids enjoyed their first day at school
  • I found a great bargain on disposable diapers
  • Did you remember to buy the dog food?
  • Damn, the fuel pump just went
  • Do we have enough in checking for the chimney repair?

These are the mundanities of life and they are necessary, but so ordinary. The ordinary is not refreshing. The extra-ordinary is.

Not all Romance Novels are Created Equal

I have traveled the world and lived about 3 lifetimes in this one. My adventures lend depth and reality to the stories I tell. I have learned so much and my life lessons weave their way into the tales almost unconsciously.

The value of a woman honoring her own needs and speaking her truth are essential to my life and to my heroines. Authenticity and integrity give them strength to handle the challenges they face.

The most exciting journey is not just an exotic location, but the journey of the leading lady to her own heart and self discovery. The escape is in the romance,the happy ever after, and the quality of elegance and beauty that weaves through every tale.

You, the readers

I believe my readers and I deserve some refreshment. I am passionate about extreme self-care. My heroines inspire me to take better care of myself. We women shoulder the weight of the world. Whether we are being a supermom and handling kids and work, or you are the CEO of your own company, or your cantankerous boss’s personal assistant, the refuge of a good book, a comfortable couch, a purring cat, and a rich Shiraz are gifts to ourselves that we should never hide from anyone.

We should allow our children, our mates and our friends see us taking a rest, putting our feet up and reading something wonderful – something that makes our hearts feel better, that lifts our spirits, puts a smile on our faces and a glint in our eyes. after all, it gives us the strength to pick up our world again and keep walking.

What do you think, ladies? Let me know.

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2 Responses to Life Lessons in Romance Novels? Fact or Fiction

  1. M.M. says:

    You are sooo right about the lips being soft. Some dumbs actually pucker up which makes one’s lips feel like a cut off rubber hose. I like those soft full lip kisses that make you feel as I’d tour heart will jump through your chest .
    As for my first kiss…who knows. Who cares . I just want to remember the one I just got.

  2. Cindy T. says:

    I just tell my boyfriend, “Kiss me now” and let him have it, and good.

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