How To Give Your Pain Away

Don’t get overwhelmed

So where do we start? Start with one space; a room you think you actually have a chance of making a dent. Give yourself an hour on a kitchen timer. Tip: I use that trick to get though all sorts of things I don’t like to do. Try it. It works. If an hour seems too long, make it 30 min. Bring 3 boxes into the room and one of those FlexForce bags that wears like iron & it won’t break, no matter what you put in it. Label one box, SHARE, label another, REDISTRIBUTE (the things you want to keep but belong in another place), and the last one, DON’T KNOW. The thing that makes this fun for me is, I’m racing against time to see just how fast I can go. Most of the time when I’ve completed one hour, I give myself another hour to see if I can complete the room.

Sometimes you need to begin with one small closet, a drawer! Just make sure that you give yourself a definable space you’re going to be able to see a before and after. If you need to get more inspired, take pictures and send them to your BFF and tell her, “This is my before and after, wanna have a contest?”

As for the DON’T KNOW box – use the timer trick for 30 minutes and ask first, who might be able to use this? If you haven’t used it in six months or maximum one year, guess what – you don’t need it. I know you might think the minute you give it away you will need it. That might happen because your mind is so afraid of not having enough. We’ve been taught you’re supposed to hang onto stuff just in case. I’ve been teaching myself a just in time mentality.

Just in time

What a shift it would be to trust that when we actually need something, it will be there. Or even more significant, if we must go out and buy another, we will have the resources to do so? That is a tough one for me. My parents taught scarcity, not abundance. On the other hand, If something brings you pleasure, like a work of art, enjoy it every moment and that pleasure will infuse your cells. Get into the habit of knowing that whenever you need something, it will show up, somewhere near you will possess it and can loan it to you, or you will easily have the resources to buy it if you must. It’s a spiritual concept that I’m working on.

Create a vacuum

Let’s start a clear-out-the-old-revolution! Join me. Let me know how it works for you and pass it around. Tell me what happens when you have tried it. Celebrate yourself. Get rid of the extraneous in your life. That includes people who make you feel badly about yourself. You don’t need them in your life. You need people who ask you to grow, people who want the best from you and for you.

Let us create a vacuum and discard everything we don’t need – we’re going to have a lot of space. It’s a natural occurrence – when we create a vacuum, that vacuum will be filled with what we hold in our minds, by our intentions, by what our higher self needs, if we take the time to listen to our heart of hearts.

Take the time to not only clean and discard what you don’t need on the outside, but work on the inside – your thoughts as well. Our thoughts create our lives. When your mind becomes as clear as your space, there will be room for miracles.

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  1. Jesenia says:

    Book marked, I love your blog! 🙂

  2. Sara Smith says:

    Wow! You changed my life. Thank you!

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