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Skies of Fire

Skies of Fire, Lenore Edwards

Ashton Cameron, heiress to a publishing fortune heads to Sydney for an interview and the opening of the Osprey hotel designed by famed and elusive architect Karl Van Ness. When they meet, Karl’s eyes stir painful memories from Ashton’s past — it couldn’t be – the past is dead, right?

Their passion is building, then shattered by betrayal, revenge and our heroine discovers her own strength. The kind of strength that allows for a real love; one worthy of all she is.


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Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask, Lenore Edwards

Evelyn St. John had been there for Karl Van Ness for years, stood by him in his darkest hour, and willingly opened her graceful arms and pushed him toward the woman he loved.

Now the time for self-sacrifice was over and she remembered a place mysterious, evocative and beautiful that had soothed her heart so many times before. She designed the costume, and mask firmly in place, Evelyn bought a first-class ticket to Venice for Carnivale. Now it was her turn.

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4 Responses to Lenore’s Bookshelf

  1. M.M. says:

    I was in the music business for years and years, although not as a performer, and I think I know who the real Karl Van Ness is!!! Really!
    Does he live in L.A. in an area far removed from the crowd? And, Does he sing in the shower after making love?

  2. M.M. says:

    So I AM right! I guess we both know about the shower singing. Shhhhhhhhhh.

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