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  1. Sandra says:

    If you are in a relationship with a man that has children, but you don’t want to be a mommy. How should one handle that? Should you leave him and say, “I don’t do kids”. Should you stay and try to avoid the kids, “Funny you mentioned the kids coming over, I had already booked a day at the spa. What a coincidence?” Or should you try to make the best of it and suck-it – deal with the kids?

    • LenoreW says:

      This is a tough situation. Although we may love someone, it’s not always possible to live with them. The decision to a be a mother is very serious and entails enormous responsibility. If you are not ready and willing to give it a sincere try, your relationship may change anyway. The kids are part of his life and part of who he is, a Dad. Our hearts are big enough to contain many flavors and faces of love. Search your heart and you already know deep down if you want him in your life so much that it’s worth a try to accept all he is – if you make him choose, you or the kids, you will lose, either now or later.

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