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Lenore Edwards, photo: G Valdes

We’re visiting with Lenore Edwards, whose first book is Skies of Fire, a contemporary romance.

Lenore, tell us about yourself.

I have had a very rich, full life and traveled this world as a actress & singer for over 30 years. My heroines are drawn from my life experience. Some of my lessons and experiences have been so intense I didn’t think I could handle it, but what doesn’t kill strengthens, right?

So you were an actress?

Loved it with all my heart, but after so many years of travel, I needed a change. Now I teach theater & music at a University and pass on my knowledge to the students. I love it. I’m a life coach and I also write non-fiction books and articles. Lenore Edwards is a pseudonym, but she’s my alter-ego too. One of my favorite characters!

What led you to write romance? Tell us about your road to publication.

My life was a romance novel set in exotic locales! I loved the classic romances like Jane Eyre and Gone with the Wind. I always loved reading, even got my degree on Literature. I read voraciously before I even went to school.

This book happened because I was taking a trip with a friend up the Pacific Coast and my cousin had sent us some fun books to read for our trip. They were romance novels and I jokingly said to my friend: I can do this! We both thought I was kidding, but I started talking and she started typing. At the end of the trip we had 3 chapters and sent it to a few publishers. Ballantine was interested, but my friend had to return to New Zealand and I had to go on tour to the Far East, so we didn’t finish it until a couple of years later.

I forgot about it until my cousin said, “Hey Cuz, I found your book, it’s sexy, I like it.” I thought I should do something, but forgot about it again. Several months later I was talking to a publisher friend about my non-fiction book. She was worried that maybe she had a conflict of interest with another author of hers. I said “Oh well, it’s OK, I have another book, a romance.” She said, “Send it right now.” And the rest is history.

What kind of research was involved for your first book?

Not a lot of research for this one, except through my archives. I’ve been there, done that. I make sure my memory is accurate for place and the characters are bits and pieces of theater, imagination and reality. In any case I love this kind of research. I’m an old movie buff too.

Tell us about your debut book.

Ashton Cameron the publishing heiress has traveled to Sydney, Australia to interview architect Karl van Ness at the opening of his spectacular Osprey Hotel on the Harbor. He is a stranger to her, but is he? His eyes are disturbing and remind her of long ago, but – he’s dead. Lust, revenge and a seduction strategy; except none of it goes according to plan.

I hope my readers enjoy the sights of beautiful New South Wales and the self discovery of my strong minded heroine.

What does your family think of having a published romance author in their midst?

They think it’s great. They always suspected I was a wild woman, now they are sure.

Tell us about plans for future books.

My second book is already in the works. One of my secondary characters in Skies of Fire began capturing my imagination. So Evelyn St. John is going to Venice for Carnival to soothe her battered heart. Adventures await.

How can readers get in touch with you?

I love to hear from my readers, and they’re welcome to e-mail me at, Also hope they enjoy my blog at

I cannot tell you how beautiful it is to see you continuing to move and inspire people as you have inspired me . . thank you for your vulnerability and for allowing me to see daily how real artistry is sought after, lived, breathed and ultimately released for others.  I continue to marvel at your graciousness in success.  And thank you for showing that it is more meaningful to raise others to the level to which you aspire than to stand on them as you reach higher. – K. Roach

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Lovingly yours,

2 Responses to Meet Lenore

  1. Sara Smith says:

    Dear Lennore,
    Oh how you made my heart sing! I was drowning in “stuff”. Stuff I had collected and saved for years and years. Stuff from high school and college. Stuff from my family that “would be worth something some day”. Stuff that me feel important and grown up.
    After reading your advice I started to look through it all. Much of what I had saved brought back no memories whatever. Some brought memories which I no longer cared about. And some was just plain junk.
    I took car loads of stuff to be donated, books went to the library and best of all, instead of a yard sale I had an indoor giveaway for my family. Half of my living was filled with give away stuff and away it went!!
    Honestly Lorraine, I can not recall most of what is gone. I only know that I feel wonderful, free and unbound, and I am pleased that others found use for it all.
    Thank you for a fantastic life lesson! You have changed my life forever . It truly IS better to give.
    Sara Smith

  2. admin says:

    Glad I could help — making room for miracles!

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