Why Don’t Women Listen to Men?

I think one of the reasons why women don’t listen to men, is that men and women often speak a different language. This all goes back to how we were raised and socially conditioned as male or female. Even though society has grown and evolved, a great deal, the old behavioral model still has a great deal of influence.

Consider this and add it to the equation:

  • Men are supposed to be strong
  • Men are supposed to be unemotional
  • Men are supposed to fix problems

1. What a woman wants to hear, especially in the beginning of a relationship, often gets in the way of actual listening. For example, a man may say to you when you begin dating, “I have a real problem with dating just one woman.” When you wonder why this man doesn’t want to commit you should remember he told you up front he had a problem with commitment!

2. Men and women express themselves very differently – it is almost 2 completely different languages. Women approach things with the language of feeling. Men approach things in a more linear style. This is not sexist, it is an evolving reality.

3. A woman wants her mate or partner to give her support and to commiserate with her problems, instead, a man gives you solutions how to handle the problem. After a while, a woman stops telling the man what went on during the day and communication lessens.

4.   A man’s interest is different from his partners. He may be wild about whether his football team wins or loses, his mate may have absolutely no interest. Of course, the reverse also occurs. Compromise is needed and each partner needs to take time and pay attention to the other’s needs and interests.

5.   A woman may be very concerned what is happening in her girlfriends’ lives, it may not be of any interest to the man, so he doesn’t comment. She stops telling him stories of the things that are important in her life.

6.   A woman may expect a man to be like her best girlfriend – he’s not! He’s your mate and a male, and has a very different point of view and a different measuring stick about what’s important and what is not. Appreciate that.

7.   A woman may expect a man to read her mind and is upset when he doesn’t. Even if you buy him a crystal ball, it’s not possible! Sometimes you don’t even know your own mind

8.   A woman may read underlying meanings into what a man said when in reality, what they said is what they meant. This is a deadly trap for all people. When we make assumptions about what the other person really meant instead of asking them what they meant, we get into big trouble.

9.   A woman may assume her words didn’t hurt her mate. We are all sensitive and want a fulfilling relationship. That takes time and effort.

10.  Both parties need to practice listening. Respectful listening goes a long way toward deepening and heightening communication between the sexes

Do you agree or disagree?Do tell.

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