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When I said I have been there and done that — I’m not kidding. I have loved and lost many times. I thought it was more important to be right than to be loved. I didn’t ask for what I needed and expected my partners to be fortune tellers.

So yes, I have made an infinite number of bad moves and own up to them completely. However, they have made me an expert in the good moves and what it really takes to make a relationship last through the good times and the bad.

Talk to me.

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  1. Vicky Stevens says:

    I started reading with the intention of just reading for one hour. But I could not stop. I love the detail, everything from the incredible restaurant, to Ashton’s clothes, to the tender, passionate love scenes. Oh My! A fast read. I want more, a lot more. Hurry up Lenore, I want to read Behind the Mask too. Soon.

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